Varieties of Conscious Experience


Religious and Creative States of Illumination:
A Perspective from Psychiatry

by Philip Woollcott, Jr., M.D.
and Prakash Desai, M.D.


World without Opposite/Flesh of the World
(A Carnal Introduction)

by Elizabeth A. Behnke, Ph.D.


Of Being and of Meaning
by Hans C. Syz, M.D.
Translated from the German by Bjorn Merker, Ph.D

Unaniminty and Disagreement Among
Transpersonal Psychologists

by Joel Funk, Ph.D..


Cotention and Bodily Awareness 'From Within': Concepts of Embodiment of Trigant Burrow and Elizabeth Behnke.
by Lloyd Gilden, Ph.D.

The Laughing Buddha and Human Pomposity

By Philip Woollcott, MD 


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Painting by Stuart Gilden

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